Huaab 1.8% EC

Huaab 1.8% EC

Huaab 1.8% EC

Product category Insecticide

Pack size 400ml

Active ingredient Abamectin

Formulation Emulsifying Concentrate

Mode of action Contact and stomach action


1. Huaab is an insecticide from Avermectin Group that acts as contact and stomach action.

2. Huaab is a broad spectrum insecticide that acts both by ingestion and by contact although it is more effective when ingested by the pest.

3. Huaab enters into stomach of insect and kill it. It also attach with the body of insect and kill insects.

4. Huaab has high sticking ability as it sticks to plant and does not washed due to rain. It has high effect against insects after raining even.

5. Huaab application slow down the insect activity because it is a nerve poison so insect stops eating that cause paralysis and starvation leads to kill insect
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