• About our company

    Agrotree Lifescience Private Limited is the leader in Agrochemical industry in Pakistan. We are working on a mission to provide the farmers of Pakistan with safer, more affordable and innovative solutions to generate a sustainable agriculture future.

    Since 2016 till now, we have rapidly grown into one of the ten biggest importers in Pakistan.

  • We all have to eat

    By improving crop productivity and making farming more efficient, we enable growers to provide healthy, high quality food safely and sustainably.

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  • Our aim is to provide enough and better food while protecting the environment

    Agrotree Lifescience, has been working in Pakistan for many years, enabling agroecology and food chains to help us safely feed the people of this land.

    Based on the foundation of long-standing China-Pakistan friendship, we are making steady progress, accelerating innovation and investing to promote more sustainable agriculture that is beneficial to nature, farmers and society.

    Our core businesses

    With top laboratories and pesticide suppliers in China, we innovate using world-class science to protect crops and improve seeds. Our three core businesses are pesticides, fertilizers and seeds. We have a mature training system to provide farmers with technology, knowledge and services so that they can sustainably provide better food production for the world.

    Do the right thing

    Everyone at Agrotree Lifescience places ethics and integrity at the heart of what they do, which is why our clients and partners trust us.

    We are also investing to build our own warehouse, filling plant, formulation plant and logistics system in Pakistan. Which will support our sound Seeds, Pesticides and Fertilizer distribution networks.

    The Value we create

     Create value for all stakeholders - farmers, employees, suppliers, food chain partners, the communities we work in and society at large.
    We slow down our success not only by the performance of our business, but also by the performance we bring to agriculture and the environment.
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    Conservation and Seed Improvement in Xinjiang

    We cooperate with China's top laboratories and pesticide suppliers to use world-class science and technology to innovate, protect crops and improve seeds.